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The Yellow Chair.

Guess what? TK MAXX has finally made it to Austria! I’ve already been to several ones in the UK and in Ireland (of all places…) and have always loved their beauty and home sections. In my last post I’ve spoken about how there aren’t many interior stores in Austria, so naturally when something like TK MAXX comes along I get my fair share of excitement. So I braved the pouring rain and made my way to it’s branch located close to the SCS near Vienna.

While stuffing candles, sunglasses and items of copper goodness into my wheelie cart, I came across a yellow armchair. It was 399 Euros so even though I liked it, I didn’t give it a second glance as it’s simply not within my budget right now. Stupidly enough, I didn’t even take a picture (bad blogger), and obviously, now I can’t stop thinking about it anymore. It would be the perfect eye catching center piece in my soon to be entryway.

On that same day we also paid a visit to IKEA (as you do) – where I saw that the ever so popular STRANDMON armchair now comes in the prettiest sunflower-yellow. And it’s only 199 Euros, so not quite as expensive as the one from TK MAXX.

I’ve talked about my love for moodboards before, here’s how I want to turn our all white entryway slightly more upbeat and modern.


Our entryway looks somewhat similar to this beautiful one from pinterest.

  1. Industrial looking side table from maisonsdumonde.
  2. Green BELUGA jug vase from WESTWINGnow.
  3. Copper desk lamp from WESTWING.
  4. Green and white porcelain tin from WESTWING.
  5. Copper spotlight from WESTWING.
  6. IKEA STRANDMON armchair in skiftebo yellow.
  7. Kilim carpet from benuta.

3 Steps to get DIY block-stripe curtains

When we moved to our (now former) apartment (read all about that here) I knew I wanted to go from generic IKEA to IKEA with a little more personalization for our interiors. One image that got stuck in my head was block-stripe curtains. After perusing Pinterest for longer than I care to admit, I was fixed on putting some in our kitchen. There are however several things to think about:

Sewing or painting – which way to go?

For me, this was a no brainer. I’m not all that talented in the sewing department (in fact I’m still boasting with pride for actually hemming these curtains myself) so paint it was. During my research (this was a serious project, can you see?) I came across this blog which suggested actually using fabric instead of wall paint to make it safe to wash the curtains in the future. Unfortunately the fabric paint just did not work out for me. The blue came out way too light, almost like a denim shade. So in a huff of “f* this I will never finish those damn curtains” I went out and actually got wall paint this time. Good thing I did, the wall paint turned out beautifully.

Doing the d…or rather “how to tape down an unmoving piece of fabric”

The process of actually sectioning off the curtains in foresight seemed more complicated than it was. I measured out how wide I wanted the stripes to be and then used frog tape to stick the curtain panels to the floor and to tape off the stripes. My S.O. actually helped me, we simply marked the spot where the tape had to go with a pencil on each side of the curtain panel and then both stuck the tape to the fabric. I knew I wanted the painted stripes to be wider than the white ones so I ended up with 35cm for the navy stripes and 25cm for the white ones.

right after taking off the tape

Work that paintbrush!

The actual painting was quickly done and pretty stress-free. I managed with one small container of paint (though I really had to scrape the paint off the walls of the container in the end). I always worked on one stripe only, did two to three coats right after each other and then immediately removed the tape. You do not want to let the paint dry before removing the painter’s tape! The frog tape worked beautifully. No blue paint seeped through at all! In hindsight, I could have done with one more coat of paint though, as there are still some spots in which the sun shines through.

Now onto the good stuff…pictures!


makes a beautiful backdrop too.

makes a beautiful backdrop too.

What I used:

  • IKEA RITVA curtains (no longer available – the MERETE ones are pretty much the same – 100% cotton).
  • Frog Tape.
  • Paint roller and tray – I used a cheap set that came with a small enough foam roller that’s apparently intended for lacquer work, worked perfectly for me though and washed very nicely after I was done painting.
  • Cover sheeting – if you value your floors, use protective plastic sheets to go under the curtain panels. You’ll really want to go to town with the painting, so protection is a must.
  • Paint! Here’s where the fun starts…oh the possibilities. I used this beautiful navy blue shade.

Now that we’re moving to a new place with higher ceilings, I actually have to give them away…any takers? 🙂

My top 5 online interior stores

Unfortunately us Austrian’s are not blessed with the abundance of interior stores such as in the UK or the US. That’s why I spend a lot of time perusing my favorite online stores…

  1. west elm. The dreamy one.

    west elm is mostly one thing: dreamy. I can spend hours clicking through each single category of products and imaginarily putting everything I want in my shopping cart. I especially love their textured dinnerware, their rustic storage coffee table (great for small spaces!) and their Souk wool rug – one day it will be mine!
  2. WESTWING and WESTWINGnow. The start up’s.

    WESTWING and WESTWINGnow were created by a German student, Delia Fischer, with a strong entrepreneurial streak and a love for interiors. They have soon become the go to places for chique interiors in the german speaking area. Westwing features new themed sales everyday where items are sold for reduced prices and in limited numbers. Westwingnow is a spinoff that has a fixed product range and lets you shop entire rooms. Both have equally amazing products and your orders come beautifully wrapped and packaged. I’ve already scored some amazing deals with wasting. Right now I’m slightly obsessed with the Lima carpet.

  3. zara home. The spaniard.

    I first discovered my love zara home when I lived in Paris, where we were lucky enough to have one of their shops in our vicinity. Looking through the products on zara home you can definitely feel the spanish vibe with lots of white and wood, soft laces and earthy colors, mixed with rainbow colored accents.

  4. H&M Home. The standard.

    When H&M Home came along it was the most natural extension of their product line. H&M is always good for a random peruse of what’s new and for picking up current trend items for affordable prices. I love all their copper products (half my bathroom is filled with that stuff). I’ve been having my eye on their fake marble accessories like this mug for a while now…

  5. Anthropologie. The quirky one.

    Last but oh so definitely not last: everybody needs a little Anthro’ in their lives. Over here mostly known for their iconic Monogram mugs, Anthropologie offers everything you need to give your home the little je-ne-sais-quoi if you know what I mean. I especially love their books and stationary, and their bed sets. I’d love to get this Diamond Weave Ottoman for my entryway.

It’s this time of the year…

So as mentioned in this previous post, for various reasons we are moving, yet again. It was a lovely year in a lovely apartment, however our time here is almost up and in just a little over a week we’ll have moved to our new apartment right in the center of Vienna.

As we still achingly remember the last time we moved and had to haul all of our stuff from one place to the next, I decided to handle the project a little differently this time.


I admit, we did this when we last moved, but what I mean to say is – get rid of anything you don’t absolutely love or need. Having been here for exactly one year makes it fairly easy for us to judge what we used and what we haven’t even looked at for the entire last year. I’m all for downsizing, so anything that I haven’t touched in the last 12 months had to go. I created huge donation piles, gave some pieces away to friends and family and put items that I want to hold on to but will not be able to fit in the new apartment into storage (a.k.a. my mom’s basement). It makes me feel so much more relaxed to know that we won’t need a hundred moving boxes this time. (Although writing this I have to admit that we’ll need to run out and get some more boxes, because the first 10 are already filled up.)


Using boxes made of carton is all fun and games until one of them rips and all your belongings are scattered all over the street. So this time around we got ourselves some sturdy plastic boxes for the more sensitive items, such as all of our tableware (and my beauty products). We decided on the IKEA SAMLA boxes, as they even come with a lid, which means that we can reuse them for keeping things in the basement without the contents getting that unwanted basement stench.


Call me lazy, but the thought of hauling all of our boxes and furniture from the top floor down into a car, and then repeating the same steps all over again at our destination makes me cringe in multiple ways. So this time around we’ll be seeking professional help. As in a professional moving company. There are so many moving companies around that it’s fairly easy to get a good price and if it means that I won’t have to do any of the heavy lifting, I’m all for it!

Even though it’s a move with mixed feelings (we’re basically giving up green views and two balconies for a prime location in the center of the city) I am still excited for the new apartment and getting the chance to redecorate all over again!

not helping.

not helping.

My top 3 IKEA hacks

Pinterest is full of all kinds of hacks for everyday life, beauty, and most excitingly (in my case…) interiors!

My favorite ones to check out are IKEA hacks. Everyone who has been to my apartment knows that it’s IKEA all over. I’ve talked about my love to IKEA before and while I still love the blue and yellow giant, I’m starting to yearn for a little more individualization.

So here are my favorite IKEA hacks (and you’ll notice…I’m all about the gold spray paint).

Number 1: 10 IKEA Hacks using gold spray paint (see…I told’ya):

Anna from annabode shows 10 awesome IKEA hacks!

I love a bit of gold (and even more…copper) at the moment. I mean who doesn’t?! However I also know that I have already gone through many phases of being head over heels with a certain style, and then getting fed up with it equally as fast. So taking affordable IKEA furniture and customizing it with a bit (or rather a lot) of gold spray paint is right up my street. Anna from annabode has gathered a beautiful collections of how 10 times gold spray paint made IKEA products even better. This one says it all, really. I especially love how transformed the TOBIAS chairs and the EKBY BJÄRNUM Shelf Brackets look.

Number 2: Gold Desk IKEA hack 

Christine’s beautiful new age desk.

I’ve been umming and aaing about getting a new desk for when we move (again…more on that note later) and this sleek little gold and white number looks just about right for what I want. Christine from justbellablog came up with the genius idea of glamming up some simple IKEA desk legs. And look how amazing it turned out. Don’t even get me started on her home office tour.

Number 3: IKEA turned westelm: the golden bookshelf

Who knew bookshelves could be so pretty?

I have to admit, I only have one measly bookshelf and I can hardly fill that one up (the digital age, eh?) but seeing how Rachel from pencilshavingsstudio beautified the very basic and simple IKEA VITTSJÖ really makes me want to get my bookshelf-act together.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll go out and buy a life time supply of gold spray paint now!

The power of mood boards

One of the reasons why Pinterest has sky-rocketed is that looking at beautiful pictures is something a lot of us simply love to do. Picture perfect dishes, weddings, outfits and – in my case – most interestingly, perfectly decorated homes make me spend hours and hours on their site.

Recently a friend of mine asked me to help her finding inspiration for her new apartment, a chance I obviously jumped to take. I knew from her former apartment that both she and her boyfriend like hues of blue and white – thus all their furniture is white. The first step was to define which floors they want to have as well as which wall colors would fit well.

I started out looking for pictures that reflected both her current style as well as what I imagined she could make of the new place.

Hues of grey and mint


I then went on and created mood/color boards for the ideas that I had…

Variante 1_Heller Boden Variante 2_Dunkler Boden Variante 2_Dunkler Boden_Deko


The whole process was so much fun and I really liked the results. And so did my friend…